Who plays?

We have a membership of around 20 with ages ranging from 30 to over 60 and varied levels of ability. We can offer competitive badminton with teams in The Manchester Badminton League and The Stockport & District Badminton League, or just playing socially on club nights.

When do we play?

We have a club night every Monday 8:00-10:00pm except Bank Holidays. Matches are played on Wednesdays, 8:00-10:00pm. Occasional Wednesdays are available for club members when there is no match.

Is there a minimum standard?

We are a relatively small club with only two courts and as such we are unable to accept beginners. We therefore ask for a minimum standard where players have enough experience that they can serve consistently and are familiar with the rules.

Do you play singles or doubles?

We play doubles, both mixed and levels. Selection of games is from a peg board giving the opportunity to play against a different pairing each game. There is the opportunity to play singles if there is a spare court and no one else is waiting.

Do you accept juniors?

Unfortunately, due to the child protection regulations, it is difficult for us to accept anyone under the age of 16. Do please contact us to see if any arrangements can be made to accommodate you. Our secretary may also be able to assist in finding a club that has a junior section.

Do you offer coaching?

No, but our more senior and experienced members will support you as much as possible. Playing every week improves your game pretty quickly.

How much does it cost?

As a visitor, it costs £5 per night to play. You can play for up to three sessions as a visitor. After that, if you meet the club’s standard of play, we would invite you to join the club.

How do I join?

First, come along for at least one night paying just £5 and if you like it, speak to someone about joining. Membership currently costs £180 per year. If you join part way through the season, you will only pay for the remaining part of the season. Any guest fees paid will also be refunded.

When does your season start?

Membership is for a full calendar year, 1st September to 31st August. Matches are played usually from September through to April.

Do you play in a league?

We currently have one team in the Manchester Badminton League and two teams in the Stockport and District Badminton League. Each of these team consists of three men and three women. We aso have a forth team in the Manchester League Open Division. This consists of 6 players of any gender playing as pairs. Home matches are played on Wednesday nights leaving Mondays always available as a club night.

Will I be asked to play for a team?

Team selection is done by our Selection Committee, and only registered members of the club are eligible to play for teams. It should also be noted that there is no requirement to play for a team - it is perfectly acceptable for someone to join as a social member only.

What type of shuttles do you use?

We only use feather shuttles. Please do not feel daunted if you've never used them before - they are slightly different to plastic shuttles, but are easy to get used to and allow a lot more control and feel.

How are games selected on club nights? / How does the Peg Board work?

Members all have a Clothes Peg with their name on in it, visitors are assigned a temporary peg. When you arrive your peg is added to our Peg Board. The first name on the Peg Board gets to pick themselves and 3 others from the next 6 names on the board to play a game. Once the players have been selected their pegs are placed in the gaming area and the remaining pegs are moved up and the member whose peg is now first in line has an opportunity to pick. When a game ends the 4 members take the 4 pegs from the gaming area and add it to the back of the line of pegs, with the winning pair getting added before the losing pair. This system allows members to play different opponents throughout the evening and also makes sure that no one is sat out without getting picked.

How many games will I get?

It depends on how busy it is and how long your games last. Usually, there’s a short wait between games but on average, you can expect to be on court for at least as much time as you are off court. Generally, it’s quieter in the summer months.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a badminton racket and suitable clothing (non-marking shoes and clothes suitable for running around in). Shuttles are provided by the club.

Do you take it seriously?

Not particularly, no. We all play for fun, the social side of the game and to keep fit. The most serious we get is when playing league games but even then, it’s quite an informal league and we still play for the same reasons.

Can I come down and see the facilities?

Visitors are welcome to come down any Monday or Wednesday after 8pm to view the facilities.

Can I hire equipment?

No, members are expected to have their own racket. The club provides feather shuttles and court nets.
In order to keep the badminton floor in top condition it is essential that you wear suitable unmarking court shoes.

Can I hire a court?

No, not through our club.
Please contact Ladybridge Park Residence Club direct for further information.

Who runs the club?

The club is run by an elected committee.
The committee for the current season is:
Chair: Graham White
Club Secretary: Anne Norbury
Treasurer: Doug Grant
Match Secretary: Lorna Beacock
Social Secretary: Claire Norbury

See the contact page for how to get in touch.
The club is run by its members and is a non-profit making organisation. The fees you pay go only to cover our costs.

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